Midwest Networking is a leader in Security Solutions for small and medium size businesses. We provide everything from firewalls, website filtering devices, monitoring, corporate anti-virus, anti-spam and anti-malware solutions, network evaluations and backups.

Protect and monitor:

  • Procedures to minimize business losses and minimize downtime using backup with tested restoration and bare metal recovery with timely disaster recovery solutions.
  • Eliminate security vulnerabilities with remote updates and hardware and software updates.
  • Network based attacks with firewall, antivirus gateways, secure email, spam protection, and secure web filtering, intrusion detection and prevention.
  • Monitor and support authorized users making sure each user has strong passwords, secure VPN or secure remote access, and file encryption.
  • Block host based attacks on peer to peer networks with personal antivirus, personal firewalls, and virus, malware and spyware removal.

Our security plan relies on our ability to make sure that every security layer is implemented and integrated with all other aspects of your network and security. Midwest Networking can help you implement each of these layers for a secure network and computing environment.

Schedule your FREE 2-hour evaluation and let Midwest Networking Services provide you with accurate and up to date information concerning your security risks and vulnerabilities.