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Body paragraph number three is evidence for your third criterion. Then, you’re going to get to the refutation of the opposing views in body paragraph four. Please note that in order to refute any opposing views, you also have to bring in those opposing views and then explain why those views aren’t more important than your own criterion. And then, of course, you’re going to have the conclusion that includes the concluding statement. So let’s take a look at what that looks like in real life. Here is the sample outline from your assignment. Although Supernatural does not have the highest viewership on television, its legions of rabid fans get a solid ten out of ten. So clearly this is going to be a positive judgment.
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Let’s take a look at the first body paragraph topic sentence to see what the criterion is. One reason that computers is so highly rated by fans is the quality of the scripts. In addition to the scripts, Supernatural also ranks high with fans because of its use of myth and urban legends. Though the scripts and use of mythology are important.

So that’s what your outline should look like. Here are some things to remember as you write. It’s not a comparison. Please don’t say that something is better or worse than something else. I want you to only look at the intrinsic value of that single thing. So we know that this is your value judgment, but please do not use first or second point of view. No I’s, me’s, my’s. No you’s or your’s. Third person only. Be specific. If you’re talking about a restaurant and you’re saying that the food is good, that is not specific. If you’re saying that the minced onions in the guacamole coupled with the diced garlic meld into something that is quite delicious, we get a lot more information from that than the dip’s good. Please use smooth transitions both in between paragraphs and within paragraphs. Remember when you set your criterion, you’re going to be giving more than one little piece of evidence. So if you do all these things and plan, you can just take a stretch and relax. But remember, as always, ask questions. I am only an email away: [email protected] I’m very responsive. I’m here to help you. Please don’t be afraid to email me if you’re unsure about anything. So. . . that’s it Write well and evaluate something.
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