Data Recovery

We are all familiar with that deep fear that one sudden day, you are going to encounter a disaster where you lose all your precious and valuable data. The hard drive might show corrupted files, deny access or even stop responding completely. Your hard drive is a complex piece of hardware that has multiple components that can break down anytime.

What is data recovery?

Recovery of lost data can be performed on the verity of storage media’s including a hard disk drive, solid state drive, USB, laptop or desktop internal hard drive, Flash drive, Memory or SD cards, etc. Different storage devices have one thing in common; they carries set of electronic equipment which may abruptly fail, become damaged or simply stops working and all the stored data may be compromised. Data recovery will look for the desired files around the storage area of aforementioned storage devices and recover them successfully even if the drive stops working or cannot be normally accessed.


  • Hardware failures, especially hard drive failure
  • Power failure, resulting in unsaved data to be lost or corruption of files
  • System crash

Unintentional Actions

  • Mistaken deletion of files or partitions
  • Forgetting to save while working on a document
  • Computer virus attack
  • Ransomware infection