Network design

Are you thinking about replacing your old network with a brand new one? Have you grown beyond using standalone computers patched together in a poorly functioning peer-to-peer environment?

We have highly experienced professionals ready for the most demanding of challenges.

We will evaluate your present network and computers; we will work with your software provider(s) to integrate all software and database functions efficiently in your new system. We will propose a “turn-key” solution and implement the required hardware and software for your business so that you can do your work and leave the worry to us.

Network support

Do you have a network, but it's just not functioning as well as you think it should? Our team of professionals will work with you to evaluate your present workstations and file server(s) to repair any problems or correct any networking issues to get your network functioning as efficiently as possible until your budget allows for an upgraded solution. We will help you to get the most out of your server and network by making sure all configurations are correct for the utmost of speed, efficiency, connectivity and security.