Server sales, integration & support

Is your current file server just not cutting it? Perhaps you've added more workstations than it can handle, or it's just wearing out. Our team of Microsoft Certified Network Engineers and Professionals will provide you with a file server suited to your company size and expected growth for the next 5 years. Our file servers come with a 3 year on-site hardware and service warranty. We will incorporate all software and convert all data to the new server.

Age and reliability

Some IT managers will say servers can last longer and some do. But after the third year of ownership, support costs escalate. According to IDC, starting in the fourth year, support costs increase about 40%. By year five, you’re staring at a 200% increase. Hold on to the server for seven years and support costs hit a mind boggling 400%.

Your server may be humming along just fine, but a server crash can bring your company to its knees. Replacing a running server is always preferable to replacing one that’s crashed.

Non-Supported Operating System

Microsoft has pulled the plug on support for Windows Server 2003. It was a vintage year and Server 2003 had a good run, but all good things come to an end. When Microsoft announces it would stop supporting the OS on your server it’s probably time to replace the server as well.

This kills two birds with one stone because it allows you to move to modern, better performing hardware while running a modern server OS that takes advantage of that new hardware while being fully supported by Microsoft.

We hope you select Midwest Networking Services to build and setup your next server. We can provide timely advice, as we have often seen small companies purchase too little or too much server. Or they purchase a server whose primary task is RAM intensive, but they configured a model with high-end CPUs but not enough RAM.

Slow performance

Many employees will learn to work around a slow performing server by starting a job and then going out for coffee while it runs. A server that appears to be running reliably might not be running optimally, and this is where Midwest Networking Services can help determine if a replacement is needed.